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Esther Busquets

Ester Busquets (1976) és infermera, doctora en filosofia i professora agregada a la Facultat de Ciència de la Salut i el Benestar de la Universitat de Vic. Alhora és també membre del grup d’investigació Aporia de la Universitat de Barcelona, amb el qual col·laborat activament des de la seva […]



VI International Bioethics Congress – 2015


VI International Bioethics Congress – 2015


VI International Bioethics Congress – 2014


VI International […]


Research Projects

  • Collaboration agreement for medical research between Group Aporia and Foundation Sant Pere Claver / Years: 2015-2018
  • Collaboration agreement for philosophical research between Group Aporia and Bioethics Borja Institute and Arnau d’Escala Campus / Years: 2014-2016
  • Aporia: Consolidated research group by the Government of Catalonia. / Ref. 2014SGR965 / Years: 2014-2018; 2009-2013; 2005-2008; 2001-2004; 1999-2001
  • Science, Technology and Ethics / Co-ordination […]

Lines of research

Contemporary Philosophy

In order to exanimate possibilities of current philosophical discourse, we aim to come for a deeper study of the most important modern or contemporary philosophers and their current of thought. Indeed, the notion of subject is a key element to the formulation of philosophic concepts, such as centrality, reconstruction […]

Begoña Román

Begoña Román Maestre holds a PhD in philosophy from the University of Barcelona. Between 1996 and 2007 she headed the Department of Ethics at University Ramon Llull (Barcelona) and she is currently professor in the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Barcelona. In addition, she is Chairperson of […]

Miguel Morey

Miguel Morey (Barcelona, 1950) is emeritus professor of philosophy at the University of Barcelona and member of the Foundation María Zambrano and an honorary member of the Spanish Society of Nietzsche Studies. In addition, he has held positions as invited professor at various Spanish and foreign universities […]

Enrique Lynch

Enrique Lynch is Professor of the University of Barcelona and Head of the Department of Philosophy History, Esthetics, and Cultural Philosophy.  He is graduated in philosophy in Buenos Aires and he holds a PhD in Philosophy from Autonomous University of Barcelona. Moreover, he completed postgraduate studies at University Paris […]

Margarita Boladeras

Margarita Boladeras is professor at the Department of Moral and Politic Philosophy at the University of Barcelona and she holds a series of master classes in the Official Interuniversity master’s degree in Citizenship and Human Rights: Ethics and Politics. She coordinates also a PhD Programme with mention of quality […]

Misericòrdia Anglès

Misericòrdia Anglès has taught at the University of Barcelona from 1988 and she received her PhD in Philosophy with a thesis on J. Balmes in 1990. Shortly afterwards, she became postdoctoral research fellow with a grant from the Government of Catalonia (Batista i Roca scholarship) in the University of Glasgow. […]