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IV International Congress of Bioethics. "Ethics of human relations. What is humane assistance?”

7 i 8 de novembre de 2013

Universitat de Barcelona

III International Congress of Bioethics. "Justice and Vulnerability"

29 i 30 d'October 2012

Universitat de Barcelona

Infoètica is an electronic bulletin that selects and synthesizes opinion articles from the international press on ethics in science and technology Bulletin Infoètica

Symposium: L'experience Temps

7 May 2009

In this first encounter on the experience of time has wanted to have contributions from biology, l'antropologia, sociology of the philosophy, in order to seek complementarity and mutual l'enriquiment.

Third International Technoethics

Third International Conference of Technoethics organized by the Institute in co Technoethics·collaboration with the Group d’Ethics and Contemporary Philosophy of the University of Barcelona. Government of Catalonia. Department of Universities: Research and Information Society-ARCS