enrique lynch

Enrique Lynch is a professor at the University of Barcelona and director of the Department of History of Philosophy, Aesthetics and Philosophy of Culture. He graduated in philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires and obtained a doctorate in philosophy from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He also attended graduate studies at the University of Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne.

Prof. Lynch and col·regular contributor to the Spanish press and Latin America and his articles have appeared, among others, in the following magazines: El Viejo Topo, Enrahonar, Camp de l'Arpa, The vanguard, The country, Hispanoamericanos notebooks, The nation, North notebooks, Revista de Occidente, To know, Descartes, sideways, notebooks, the Independent, Grail, Key Practical Reason, insula, letter International, Diogenes, E. R., Lateral, Clarion, Mania, Ajoblanco, the hearing, Sileno, The Unesco Courier, Three points, analysis, ABC, Letras Libres, Reform, Desobra, black box, etc.

He has given courses and lectures at numerous universities and research institutes in Europe, Spain and Latin America. He has also translated more than twenty titles of contemporary philosophy and headed cabbage·Collections of essays and philosophy publishers Gedisa, Destino i Muchnik Editors de Barcelona. És editor de les revista digital Clouds and member of the editorial board of the journal Nietzsche studies, of the University of Málaga. His research addresses the issues of aesthetics and theory of literature, rhetoric and contemporary philosophy.

He published the following books:

  • (2006). Philosophy and / or literature: Identity and / or difference: lessons taught within the program “Art and culture in the XXI century”. Pamplona: Public University of Navarre.
  • (2003). In-moral: History, identity, literature. Madrid: Bottom of Economic Culture of Spain.
  • (2000). Television: Mirror kingdom. Barcelona: Plaza & Janes.
  • (1999). About Beauty. Madrid: Anaya.
  • (1997). Prose and circumstance. Barcelona: Anagram.
  • (1993). Dioniso asleep on a tiger: Through Nietzsche and his theory of language. Barcelona: Destino.
  • (1990). the prowler: Attempts on philosophy and literature. Barcelona: Anagram.
  • (1987). Sheherezade lesson: Philosophy and storytelling. Barcelona: Anagram and revised and expanded second edition: Mexico: Ariel, 1995.
  • (1987). Hobbes. Barcelona: Peninsula.