josep maria esquirol

Born in Mediona (Alt Penedès) in 1963, Josep Maria Esquirol is a full professor of Philosophy at the University of Barcelona. He is also the director of the research group “Aporia” and coordinator of the PhD program "Contemporary Philosophy and Classical Studies". His main fields of study are Political Philosophy and Contemporary Philosophy. Some authors he specializes in are: Hannah Arendt, Martin Heidegger, Edmund Husserl, Alexandre Kojève, Emmanuel Levinas, Emmanuel Mounier, Jan Patocka, Leo Strauss, and Paul Ricoeur. He has participated in Spanish and European research projects. In 2003 , he received the research distinction of the Generalitat of Catalonia and in 2015 was awarded the City of Barcelona Prize. The 2016 was awarded the National Essay Prize for his essay La resistència íntima, which has been translated into Spanish and Italian. He has been invited to give courses and conferences in Madrid, Roma, Lisboa, London, Mexico, and Bogota. About his academic publications, there are more than eighty articles in journals and collective·books. He has published the following books:

  • [The Penultimate Kindness] La penúltima bondad . Ensayo sobre la vida humana (El Acantilado, 2018)/ La penúltima bondat. Assaig sobre la vida humana (Quaderns Crema, 2018).
  • [The Intimate Resistance] La resistencia íntima. Ensayo de una filosofía de la proximidad (El Acantilado, 2015)/ La resistència íntima (Quaderns Crema). Barcelona City Award, 2015. National Essay Prize, 2016.
  • [Contemporary Philosophers and Technology] Los filósofos contemporáneos y la técnica (Gedisa, 2011).
  • [Breathing of the day] El respirar dels dies (Paidós, 2009) / El respirar de los días (Paidós, 2009) / O respirar dos dias (Autêntica, 2008).
  • [Respect or the Attentive Sight] El respeto o la mirada atenta (Gedisa, 2006; 2012 3a ed.) / O Respeto ou o olhar atento (Autêntica, 2008)
  • [Oneself and the Others] Uno mismo y los otros (Herder, 2005).
  • [What is Personalism?] Què és el personalisme? Introducció a la lectura d’Emmanuel Mounier (Pòrtic, 2001).
  • [Political Frivolity at the End of History] La frivolidad política del final de la historia (Caparrós, 1998).
  • [Three Essays on Political Philosophy] Tres ensayos de filosofía política (EUB, 1996)
  • [From Europe to The People] D'Europa als homes (Cruïlla, 1994) (Essay Prize Joan Maragall Foundation).
  • [Reason and Foundation] Raó i fonament (PPU, 1988).