Since university teaching 1988, the doctorate 1990 with a thesis on the philosophy of J. Balmes. Postdoctoral researcher for two years (Batista and Roca grants), was "Research Fellow" at the University of Glasgow, studying Il·Illustration Scottish and its influence on Catalan philosophy.

He has published and worked in various research projects in philosophy Catalan, epistemology and ethics applied (moral education, bioètica i tecnoètica). He is a member of the network "Intellectual History·Property philosophy Catalan ".

Some of his most important publications are:

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  • CLEAR, A.; YSA, A.; ROMAN, B.; ENGLISH, M. & VIDAL-BARRAQUER, F. (2004) The vascular surgeon facing clinical ethical dilemmas: are self-interest attitudes related to seniority?, European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery 27 (5), 525-533.
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