Contemporary Philosophy

In order to exanimate possibilities of current philosophical discourse, we aim to come for a deeper study of the most important modern or contemporary philosophers and their current of thought. Indeed, the notion of subject is a key element to the formulation of philosophic concepts, such as centrality, reconstruction and deconstruction. Also, we attach great importance to the question of experience and its language which continues to be seen as a major problem of the Technical Era by many authors.


Political Philosophy

Political responsibility should be assumed by philosophy but this process requires further debate regarding some concepts, specially, about the Power (bioethics, tecnification and dissemination), about the History (dialectics, interruption and memory), about political Justice (social State, minimum State and Rights) and democracy (participation & institutions) and about the situation of philosophy in the city.



On the one hand, we aim to explore new proposals, such as those called the Ethics of responsibility, the discursive Ethics, the Ethics of the virtues or the Ethics of the respect. On the other hand, we wish to work in the fields of Bioethics, Ethics applied, specially, in social services.


Philosophy and Mental Health

As regards fundamental and applied research, we work not only on some ethical aspects of health care, but also on the necessary relation between philosophy – in the Socratic sense of healing of soul- and psychiatry and psychology. This line of research is developed jointly with the Foundation Pere Claver.


The Human Condition in the Biotechnology Age

Biotechnology is the highest expression of the possibility of transforming ourselves. Reflection and debate about this essential transformation has already been initiated by contemporary philosophers, such as Sloterdijk, Habermas, Agamben, Žižek and so on. Indeed, our aim is to pursue broad dialogue on all aspects of this issue which is likely one of the most important topics of the first half of this century.