margarita boladeras

Margarita Boladeras is professor at the Department of Moral and Politic Philosophy at the University of Barcelona and she holds a series of master classes in the Official Interuniversity master’s degree in Citizenship and Human Rights: Ethics and Politics. She coordinates also a PhD Programme with mention of quality on Citizenship and Human Rights and she served as the Dean (1986-1989) and the Vice Dean (2009-2011) of the Faculty of Philosophy. Moreover, she is a member of the Committee of Bioethics of the University of Barcelona and director of Investigations Bioethics Network (REDIB).

She was also awarded the first Ateneu Barcelonès Essay Prize in 1989 for her book Jocs de vida, published in 1990. Nowadays, she is part of the jury of the Journalism Award and Scholarships of the Foundation Víctor Grífols i Lucas for developing of bioethics.

Some of his more noteworthy books are outlined in the following list:

  • (2013). El impacto de la tecnociencia en el mundo humano. Diálogos sobre bioética. Madrid: Editorial Tecnos. [Tecnoscience impact in human world].
  • (2009). El derecho a no sufrir. Argumentos para la legalización de la eutanasia. Barcelona: Editorial Los Libros del Lince. [The right to not suffer pain. Some arguments for the legalization of euthanasia].
  • (2006). L’escola de Frankfurt. Barcelona: Edicions de la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. [The Frankfurt school].
  • (2002). Popper (1902-1994). Barcelona: Ediciones del Orto.
  • (1996). Comunicación, ética y política. Habermas y sus criticos. Madrid: Editorial Tecnos.  [Communication, ethics and politics. Habermas and his critics].
  • (1993). Libertad y tolerancia. Éticas para sociedades abiertas. Barcelona: UB.  [Liberty and tolerance. Ethics for open societies].

Prof. Boladeras collaborated and edited the following books:

  • BOLADERAS, M. & CAMPILLO, N. (2001). Filosofía social. Madrid: Ediciones Síntesis. [Social philosophy].
  • (2014) (ed.) Bioética del cuidar: ¿Qué significa humanizar la asistencia?. Madrid: Editorial Tecnos. [Bioethics and care. What does human assistance mean?].
  • (2012) (ed.). Bioética, género y diversidad cultural. Bioética, género y diversidad cultural. Cànoves i Samalús: Editorial Proteus. [Bioethics, gender and cultural diversity].
  • (2011) (ed.). Bioética: la toma de decisiones. Cànoves i Samalús: Editorial Proteus.  [Bioethics: the decision making].
  • (2010) (ed.). ¿Qué dignidad? Filosofía, Derecho y práctica sanitaria. Cànoves i Samalús: Editorial Proteus.  [What is dignity? Philosophy, Law and health care].

She edited also an item on a Bioethics Dictionnary:

  •  (2011). Autonomía, principio de. En C. M. Romeo (dir.), Enciclopedia de Bioderecho y Bioética (vol I) (pp. 107-113). Albolote: Editorial Comares. [Autonomy, principle of].