salvi turró

Salvi Turró is professor of philosophy at the University of Barcelona. His work falls within the crisis of Modern rationality from phenomenological and hermeneutical approaches as well as from more personal perspectives, such as those of L. Strauss and H. Blumemberg. It is under this point of view that Prof. Turró develops his research in the field of historiographic studies, focusing on the origins of Modernity (Descartes, 17th century), the German Enlightenment (Mendelssohn), I. Kant (philosophy of Law and History), post-Kantian polemics (Jacobi, Reinhold, Schiller) and Idealism (specially Fichte). He has been project leader in different projects of the Spanish Research and Development Program, such as the current Group EIDOS. Hermeneutics, Platonism and Modernity (2009- ). In addition, he is member of the Iberic Fichtean Studies network, as well as member of Internationale Fichte-Gesellschaft and Spanish Hegelian Studies Association.

Among his published works, we highlight the following:

  • (2011). Fichte. De la consciència a l’absolut. Badalona: Editorial Omicron. [Fichte. From awareness to the absolute].
  •  (2010). Descartes. Libertad y generosidad. Textos morales. Introducción, traducción, edición y notas. Barcelona: Proteus. Trad. També al català 2010. Barcelona: Proteus. [Descartes. Liberty and generosity].
  • (2006) (ed.). Fonamentació i facticitat en l’idealisme alemany i la fenomenología, Barcelona: IEC. [Basis and Feasibility of the German Idealism and the Phenomenology].
  • (1997). Descartes i l’esperit del Barroc. Lleida: Institut d’Estudis Ilerdencs. [Descartes and Baroque essence].
  • (1997). Lliçons sobre historia i dret en Kant. Barcelona: Edicions Universitat de Barcelona. [Lessons on history and law in Kant].
  • (1996). Tránsito de la naturaleza a la historia en la filosofia de Kant. Barcelona: Anthropos. [The transition from nature to history in the philosophy of Kant].
  • (1985). Descartes. Del hermetismo a la nueva ciencia. Barcelona: Anthropos. [Descartes. From hermeticism to the new science].
  •  (1984). Introducció sistemàtica a la Filosofia. Barcelona: Publicacions Universitat de Barcelona.  [A systematic introduction to Philosophy].